Resolution! Offer

Special offer

This scheme provides quality space with the option of creative support for your Resolution 2020 work. Book in advance 12 OR 24 hours of studio time and enjoy the security of knowing when and where you will be working.

There is also the option of creative support in the form of one to one sessions from experienced Artist and Mentor, Caroline Salem, for no additional fee.

‘I found Caroline’s mentoring really beneficial. It helped me explore the full potential of my ideas, to make sure that these are communicated through the work, and to understand the work I was making.’

– Konstantina Skalionta (Evolution Choreographer who used this package 2016)

There is no deadline by which you need to join the scheme but the sooner you do the more likely you’ll be able to create the schedule you want.

To arrange a visit, chat or book: Caroline Salem 07871190500 or e-mail

Book a schedule of 12 OR 24 hrs of studio time between OCT 2019 and FEB 2020

Book 2x one hour sessions with Caroline as follows:
– One session during the working process
– One session post performance. This includes providing Caroline with a ticket to attend your show. This session gives you the opportunity to evaluate your process and move forward.

12 hours studio space for £141
24 hours studio space for £270
Both space packages include the option of two mentoring sessions with Caroline free of charge.


As with all programmes at Space Clarence Mews, makers are welcome to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This can make your costs more manageable.

ONE–OFF BOOKING Special Resolution 2020 rate £12.00/hour (normally £12.75)

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