Caroline’s mentoring shares values and methodologies with coaching and so places trust in the wisdom of the artist. Caroline’s aim is to support the artist in self-directing their work through deepening their own understanding of what it is or could be. Reflection, observation and questioning enables a process of unearthing, recognising and exploring the specifics and significance of a particular work, body of work or practice. The nature and pace of development is unique to each artist/ collaborative team.

The neutrality of this way of working means that it is equally affective for artists/companies working in any or all performance contexts. Caroline’s own professional eclecticism across theatre, circus, dance, music, visual/performance art and architecture also means that she is open to support any work.

Caroline has been teaching and supporting professional creative practice since 1994.  She is a qualified Relational Dynamics 1st Coach.

Space Clarence Mews offers:

  • 1to1 Creative Support
  • Group Facilitation
  • Dramaturgy

Don’t hesitate to contact Caroline for more info on 07871190500 or by e-mail:

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