Conditions of use

1. Shoes must be taken off on entry into building and put back on when walking in courtyard going to open gate for others.

2. No shoes may be worn in the studio, please work in bare feet or socks. If dance shoes are to be used agreement must be made in advance. No ballet resin must be used.

3. No food or drink allowed in the studio, apart from water.

4. Users of the studio may use sink / kettle in gallery space, and may eat and drink in this area.

5. To avoid damage to floor surface [dance-lino or maple wood] please do not wear jewellery, watches or clothes with zips, buckles and buttons.

6. To avoid marking lino or maple floor please remove nail varnish or wear socks.

7. Please avoid using the wall surfaces as part of your creative practice, as they are not sufficiently robust and this would damage the plaster.

8. Users of the studio may use 1st floor bathroom.

9. Bathroom on ground floor is also available for people with access requirements.

10 No smoking anywhere inside the building or in courtyard. If smoking, locate to the Mews and dispose of butt ends in black bins.

11. Please ensure that the gate onto Clarence Mews is deadlocked at all times.

12. Space Clarence Mews / Caroline Salem will not take responsibility for the safety of valuables and other items belonging to those hiring / using space.

13. Space Clarence Mews / Caroline Salem request that users have and provide a copy of their own public liability insurance if teaching workshops / classes.

14. Space Clarence Mews / Caroline Salem trust that all participants in any rehearsal / project happening within the space are covered for injury through an agreement with the project leaders, or have committed to take personal responsibility for own safety with respect to the practice of their profession.

15. Space Clarence Mews / Caroline Salem trust that individuals using the space will take all appropriate precautions to ensure their own health and safety in the practice of their discipline / profession.

16. The kitchenette area should be left as found: All rubbish taken away and put in cupboard left of gate as you exit and crockery and cutlery washed-up.

17. Please do not let the cat into the studio.


The start time of your booking marks the time you enter the studio suite (studio, kitchenette and bathroom) from the courtyard and the finish time is the time you exit into the courtyard. This ensures that all space hirers have full ownership of all studio facilities for their scheduled time.


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